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ShiftyBoi alt text

Controls used in the game

  • To move the character around: up/w, down/s, left/a, right/d
  • To pause the game: p
  • To escape from the current mode/menu (e.g. ability menu, teleport mode): Esc
  • To use ability: e
  • Opening the ability menu/choosing different abilities: Shift
  • Iterate through the ability list: a - to iterate backwards, d - to iterate forward

About ShiftyBoi

Goal: Shift yourself from the starting point to the door on the right Door.

Avoid the ShiftMuncher alt text.

There is a limited number of shifts you can use for power-shifting (i.e. switching abilities) in each stage. Collect as many Shiftonites alt text as possible to increase the number of shifts you can use!

Abilities available:

  • Super jump Super Jump
  • Teleportation Teleportation
  • Shrink Shrink
  • Break walls Break Walls
  • Ghost form Ghost Form

About team PieceOfShift/ San Bai Kuai

Team members

Shift 1/3: Khoo Wei Ping

Shift 2/3: Kyle Timothy Ng Chu

Shift 3/3: Jelena Neo Hui Ling

Together... we form a PieceOfShift

Game source

Our game is built using Unity, Visual Studio and LMMS.

Game characters are from Dumbanex.com

Font used: Arcade Classic by Jakob Fischer

Game build

Our game built as an executable file (.exe).


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